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When we leave our homes, most of us take 3 primary things without fail: Our keys,wallet and cell phones. Phone books are rarely used any more since it’s so much faster and easier to find what we want with Google and Bing. By the way, where is your phone book and how long has it been since you’ve used it for anything?

There are over 5 billion cell phone user vs. only 1.8 billion Internet users (almost 3x in market size.) Out of these users, 51 Million use smart phones! Mobile apps are the most efficient form of advertising there is. YourBizAPPSolutions create affordable Mobile Apps for business owners that include a free mobile web site and “Push Notifications” which are messages that can include full color images sent directly to the consumers mobile device, after they have downloaded the app. YourBizAPPSolutions is an approved Apple and Android developer.

With the average app developer pricing starting at $5000 our low overhead allows our pricing to start out at less than half that cost and even with add ons rarely even tops most developers lowest price. Group discounted pricing available for realtors, mortgage lenders or any other individualized sales force.
Check out some of our features:
>Push Notifications or messaging w/ full color images>QR Coupons>GPS Coupons >Sports Stat Tab>Voice Recording Tab>Car Finder>Delivery Tab>Photo Share >Reservation Tab>Manage your app from your phone>Full Event Calendars>News and RSS Feed Tabs.  The App business changes at a fast pace and we are geared to keep up with the latest tools that can be offered.  If you want to keep up with your competition, Mobile Apps are as necessary today as websites were yesterday.        

Small Business Owners Confirm: “Mobile Marketing Works!



How do we know? Well, Web.com asked small business owners (about 500 of them), and learned that 84% of those that have stand-alone mobile apps or websites are getting new business from them. This means that prospects and leads are waiting to be found on mobile devices, and that small business that meet them there are getting positive results.

A few related notes:

• 69%: The number of small business owners who think that mobile marketing is key to their growth in the next five years.

• 64%: The number who intend to spend more on mobile marketing this year, when compared to last year.

Given this information, it’s safe to say that small businesses are enjoying returns from their investments in mobile apps and mobile marketing.

The main motivations for pursuing these avenues are to

1) deliver better service to customers

2) gain new customers

3) build an edge over the competition

But despite these worthwhile benefits, only about a quarter of small businesses have mobile-friendly websites let alone apps. In addition, most don’t have a mobile strategy, and are currently missing out on opportunities to be found by mobile searchers.

Meanwhile, mobile search volumes are exploding. Mobile search is quickly pushing past desktop/laptop searching, and customers are increasingly expecting businesses to have functional mobile websites ans apps. Indeed, a customer’s experience during mobile search can have a powerful impact on a business. We laid out the unintended negative consequences of having a poor or nonexistent mobile presence, as well as the positive effects of a well-designed mobile presence.

The results might surprise you.

At this point, small businesses must be aware of these issues, or they’ll pay a heavy “tax” imposed by the market and shifting user expectations. With other small businesses confirming that mobile marketing gets positive results, and helps them push ahead of the competitors, isn’t it time you gave it a shot?